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Systems and Desktop Support

Large companies have a significant budget and resources to plan their technology requirements as per their business model. Most smaller businesses do not have the luxury of investing in such research, but the need for a design and planned Business Intelligence Model is equally critical for them.

VisionStream works with its clients from day one, analyzing the existing workflow process, information exchange and processing, communication channels as well as special tools used. Based on such analysis, a detailed reports are generated, with analysis, inventory and recommendations on appropriate technology investment for the company.

After implementing the recommendations, many steps are put in place which help maintain a smoothly functioning office, including a clear channel of communication with the IT support, self-help resources, online helpdesk and regular maintenance and continuous monitoring of software and hardware. At regular periods, evaluations of existing infrastructure is performed and recommendations outlined in annual budget proposals to the clients.

This process take the burden and overheads of developing an IT department from the client and provide a fully functional and highly efficient and knowledgeable IT support resource at a fraction of the price. A perfect combination!

Some of the tasks we implement are:

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